Handmade Concrete Planter Pot

With Zebra Succulent Haworthia

Handmade Concrete Planter Pot Zebra Succ

Handmade Concrete Planter With Zebra Succulent Haworthia

Pot: 2.5" x 2.5" (without the plant)

The Succulent: 3" tall

Drip Dish: 5.5" diameter & .5" thick

$38.00 each

Small concrete pot with a lovely drip dish that have been stained in a stone hue. The pot is filled with a healthy haworthia succulent (zebra plant). The plant is approximately 3" tall thereby making the total pot height with plant approximately 5.5" tall. The haworthia can grow 3-5" tall and needs bright light and sparingly watered. Smaller shoots that grow off the side can be plucked and re-rooted separately.




(Succulent is included)

Please do not order this plant if your temperatures will fall below 40 degrees during the shipping period.