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Concrete Animal Statues

Variety of animals & sizes

Stain/Color Options: steel gray, moss green, brick red, and espresso (brown)

Prices vary by

type & size

Concrete Bunny Statues

If you would like to purchase a statue, please click on your favorite item to be redirected to our Etsy store!

All our statues are handmade from the finest concrete and can be placed indoors or outdoors!

If an item you like is SOLD OUT on Etsy, send us a message and we can make more!

Available Products:

Concrete Deer Statue
Bunny Rabbit Concrete Statue
Concrete Wise Owl Statue
Concrete Love Birds Statue
Set of 3 Concrete Pigs
Medium Bunny Rabbit Concrete Statue
Handmade Concrete Bird Statue
Concrete Nest Planter with Bird Statue
Concrete Frog Toad Statue Perched
Handmade Concrete Sheep Lamb Easter Plan
Concrete Hanging Sparrow Statues
Handmade Tiny Lamb Baby Sheep Concrete S
Handmade Concrete Owl Statue
Concrete Turtle Family
Cat Gazing Upwards Statue
Frog Toad Concrete Garden Statue
Concrete Cardinal Bird
Concrete Squirrel Statue
Set of 3 Bunny Garden Statues
Handmade concrete hedgehog garden statue
Handmade Concrete Rabbit Hare Easter Garden Statue
Pair of Bunny Statues
Concrete Pig Statue with Butt in Air
Rabbit Hare Statues
Frog on Rock Statue
Moon Gazing Bunny Hare Rabbit Statue
Concrete Chicken Rooster Statue
English Hare Statue
Elephant Wall Plaque
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