Prices vary by

type & size

Zen & Buddha Concrete Statues

Variety of styles & sizes

Stain/Color Options: steel gray, moss green,

brick red, and espresso

Some of our products are seasonal and others are made to order. If you see an item you like on our website, but do not see it on our Etsy store, contact us for more information on that particular piece!

Available Products:

Small Sleeping Buddha  
2.75 tall x 2.25" wide
Mini Buddha Planter
2.5" Tall
Plump Concrete Buddha
2.75" tall x 3.25" wide
Small Buddha Head (Shown in Gray Stain)
2.5" tall x 2" wide
Buddha Cat (Shown in Red Stain)
2.5" tall x 2" wide
Kwan-Yin Statue (Shown in Red Stain)
3.25" tall x 2" wide
Sleeping Buddha  (SMALL)
5" tall x 3" wide

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